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Date:2012-11-08 06:39
Subject:looking for gigs..

yup yup..new band doing pretty good. Funny, for once I'm not the oldest.The average age in this band is 41. It doesn't really matter, just having fun. Trying a keyboard player this week end.
Other than that I got a ticket a block from my house yesterday..pisses me off. I'm gonna fight this one because it was utter bullshit.

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Date:2012-09-05 13:08

I'm totally fucking depressed today.Everything that can go wrong will go wrong.This morning, I had to drop out of school for this semester because I can't afford it, don't know if I will ever be able to go back. I went to see my "case worker" from the employment office and all she could tell me was "look in craigslist".. WTF, is this what we pay these people for out of our taxes?
I'm wondering if I should start looking for work in Dallas and move back there. The same kind of work that pays $12 an hour here pays $16 an hour there, plus the cost of living is 30% cheaper there, so it's as if I would make double the amount of money there compared to here for the same amount of work. And I can always go back to work for the stage hand union, my buddies said they have my back so..
Anyway, I don't know what the fuck I should do..So sick of everything.

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Date:2012-07-13 15:47
Subject:rip Eddie

one of my best friends for almost 30 years died yesterday. My buddy Bozo called me to tell me the news..I was expecting to hear it would be from a heroine overdose, but he threw himself under a truck. 44 years old. He was such a good guy and always there as a friend when needed. I have such good memories with him.. We've been going through thick and thin. We went to jail together,squatted together, went on tour together, had fist fights, sex orgies, we even shared the same needles. We used to be inseparable. Even now, he'd call me about once a month to keep up and shoot the shit.Well, no more..It's weird because I was just thinking it's been a while since I've heard from him today, then I get this call.
Anyway, Eddie, you fucking dumb ass, you didn't have to do that. You knew you could have come here and stay at my place for as long as it takes until you get your shit together.
I love you and miss you already and hope you are in a better place.

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Date:2012-06-29 09:50

A few things have been happening lately..
I started doing an internship for my drugs and alcohol counselor's certification but I don't think I really am cut for this kind of work. A lot of people in this field are 12 step addicts, and I am not. When I tell the other interns and counselors at the facility that I am not a 12 stepper, they're looking at me like if I have a growth coming out of my head, with suspicion, as if you had to be following these programs to be successful in this profession. I aced all the classes from the program at school because I already knew all that shit from life experience, and everything that seems to matter, at least in this one facility, is 12 steps related. It's as if all these classes that I paid for from my own pocket were obsolete. Granted, the 12 steps groups are beneficial in some people's recovery, or they wouldn't have been around for the past 72 years or so, and I have a tremendous amount of respect for them, but it's not for me. I feel like my integrity takes a beating every time I have to go in the closing circle to say the serenity prayer. Also this facility caters to clients who are for the most part financially stable and what I would really like to do is help the homeless who have hit rock bottom. I have been volunteering for the past few months in a homeless family shelter and I see this more as my calling.
So this morning I showed up at the shelter where I have been helping as a homeless outreach worker, and the supervisor took me aside and told me to meet her in her office. Once there, she told me that they may have a job opening for me to supervise the evening shifts at a new shelter and that I would be the perfect candidate for it. She asked me to bring a resume and that she would doctor it for me. Nice. It's funny because when I left the house this morning I told my wife that I was out to work on my mitzvot/Karma, so maybe I could find a job and boom, there you go.
So anyway, my plans are..
Stop going to this one facility as an intern and try to get into the salvation army rehab instead. Sally's still relies on 12 steps for their recovery program, but it also deals with the demographics that I want to work with. That would be dumb to not finish the cert just because I don't relate to this one facility.
Schoolwise, I am going to finish my AA with an emphasis on sociology/ psychology, since I have already taken most the classes necessary for it through the drugs and alcohol program, then transfer to get a BA in sociology.
I also started to attend ASCA meetings which are of a tremendous help for my sanity. I think I will finally start to thrive in life once I get past these certain issues.
And last but not least, got a new band going on..again..
It's called Loup Garou Mother Fuckers. We play my favorite songs that I've already written for my old bands, from Swine System, the Ditchdiggers and Kriminal Pogo. Mostly 3 chords sing along 50's inclined mid tempo street punk kinda stuff. Fun.

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Date:2012-02-21 16:59
Subject:back to school.

I started school again last week. This is gonna be a shit ass semester, I can feel.. I have three classes that require a lot of participation, but I'm not that good in talking in public, oddly enough..I don't mind going on stage and making an ass out of myself, but when it comes to talking, I'm not that good, oh well. I'm ok with one on one communication, I've been tutoring students and they're all praising my services and coming back to me though. I guess next semester I'll take speech, this might help me in the future. Sometimes when I talk in public I have the feeling that people are paying more attention to my accent instead of what I actually have to say. It makes me nervous and it throws me off. But I guess it's just one skill I have to work on. Maybe I'm just paranoid.
My three classes are Psych 104, or social psychology, adst 110, or how to run a therapeutic group, and adst 112, dealing with different kinds of therapies. Both adst classes are considered as skills classes, and like i was saying earlier, rely a lot on group communication. So far I've been doing OK, I have good grades, but it's been easy as hell. I have 3.6 GPA.
After this semester, all I have is an internship and then I'm done with the certificate I've been working on. I need to check if I can get transfered to get a B.A in this field with just the credits that I have or if I have to finish my G.E.. I want to get a B.A because I don't want to be just a counselor..the pay is not that good and you're at the bottom of the ladder when it comes to this kind of work.
Maybe if I get a B.A, I can work as a supervisor of some sort and make more.. And who knows, if i still like it, maybe I'll even push it to a master's, but I'm not there yet.
But anyway, I'm kinda looking forward to what I'm about to learn because I have no idea whatsoever what it's about..Never been to rehab per say, only detox. Most of the other students in my class have been through rehab so they already have experience in this process, so I need to keep up with their asses and probably just play the game and try to be talkative, even though pulling my teeth is easier on me than getting me to speak.
I have some experience in 12 steps programs, specially right now with my job, I'm taking care of developmentaly disable peeps with a history of substance abuse, so I take them to meetings and observe what's happening, but that's it.
Anyway..We'll see what's up..Can't wait til it's over.

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Date:2011-12-16 12:52
Subject:gig last night..

So we played a show last night at the 5 stars cafe downtown L.A.
At first I was somewhat apprehensive, because we played with a line up of crusty/ hardcore bands, and there we were showing up with a singer, guitar and bongo player, no bass or conventional drumset.Our djembe player is in Italy, our bass player is in Germany, and the other members flaked..Nonetheless, everyone got a lot into our shit , they were dancing and buying us beers, etc.It surprised the shit out of me. Actually, surprisingly enough, it was one of the best shows I ever played.
After the show some kids came to me and said that we inspired them to start their own band who'd sound like us (?)..And then some other guy put us on the bill to play with Total Chaos, Naked Aggression and Society's Parasites next month. I'm baffled.
So anyway, were looking for more gigs now, from Tijuana to the Bay area.

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Date:2011-12-06 22:10

I started to get french students out of school since the semester is almost over and I have no job..My first client is such a knock out..I think she must be a mail order bride from Russia or something. Actually, she's Armenian and fucking gorgeous. She wants me to come over twice a week, no problem. Her husband is a big dweeb looking Syrian dude..anyway. She brought one of her friends over today who also wants to learn French with her daughter. I told them I'd give them a group price. They seem like very nice people. Two more like that and I can pay my bills easy.

Other than that, I'm gonna try my hand at being a playwright. I have a good idea I need to develop. It'll be a tragicomedy about one of my adventures that happened when I was squatting as a kid in France..I'll just dramatize it a bit. I've been making research about how to write a play and it doesn't seem too complicated. Move over Tennessee Williams, here I come, you amateur.
One thing that's funny is that my last name is actually Broadway, so I think it may sound a little presumptuous when I go and present my play to different theaters..Maybe I should write under a nom de plume?..Thinking about spelling it Breault D' Houaix, which is Broadway spelled phonetically in French, eh.. Ils n'y verront que du feu.

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Date:2011-11-17 11:21
Subject:Writer's Block: The happiest movies on earth

What is your favorite Disney movie?

The one where Mikey butt fucks Minnie while she sucks Goofy's dick..

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Date:2011-11-14 20:45

First gig with the new band friday in some artsy fartsy art expo in a warehouse somewhere in culver city..All we have left of the band is 2 drummers (Djembe and bongos), guitar and vocals. plus i play accordion on a couple. Sounds good though..kinda tribal punk..no bass. Who cares? We're gonna rock that fucking place.

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Date:2011-10-16 09:57
Subject:new job

I took my accordion downtown yesterday and played a little in the street, at different spots..by the red line subway and near the protests and made 43 bucks. Will try again today in Silverlake and maybe Hollywood . I'll ask Jena if she wants to come along and sing. Having a chick singer will bring more attention.
The thing is that I have to keep my eyes open for the cops because, of course, L.A being the capital of entertainment, you still need a permit to play in the street..It figures.

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Date:2011-10-08 19:24
Subject:what to do what to do?

I'm so fucking depressed i don't know what to do..I thought stopping drinking/drugging would help, apparently not. I've been slacking at school, quit my job, not feeling like doing anything, can't afford going to the doctor, considered doing some fucked up things.
It makes me sick to my stomach, I'm going to bed.

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Date:2011-09-13 05:57
Subject:I love school.

So yesterday I went to the learning center and had four tutoring sessions,then went to the library to do some research then went to one class..went home, wrote two essays ( well, about 2 third done on both of them). Today I'll finish them and start on another one. It's fun and it should pay back pretty soon now, relatively speaking.

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Date:2011-09-10 20:42
Subject:Busy like a son of a bitch..

I've been working 4 days a week and taking 3 classes. I also have signed up to a free program to become a STD/HIV counselor, along with my drugs and alcohol cert it goes hand in hand..something else to put on a resume.
I'm also tutoring French at school..I have about 4 regular students right now, but right after the first test, I'm sure it will pick up. Lots of them will probably flunk.
Plus playing in the band.
All this keeps me busy 7 days a week. I need a break..Probably around the Xmas holidays if I don't take a couple of classes this winter.
Yaaawwnn...Tired..going to bed.

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Date:2011-08-18 10:58
Subject:new band..

It's fun..we're having a blast so far.
It's somewhat an ecclectic band.. we're trying to make it a big band, member wise, so we can have layers of instruments and make it sound fuller.
Right now the members are well...
Elaine, a 19 year old Filipina girl who really kicks ass on the guitar, she's very talented. Suren, from Kazakstan, who plays guitar, bass and mandolin.
Bean, drummer who just moved here from New Jersey..not too good but will do..
Jena, singer..great voice and good looks, which always helps in a band right?
And me, on guitar, saz, bass and accordion.
We need one more guy or girl, prolly a regular bass player or multi instrumentalist.
So far we have 6 songs that are getting tight,,4 more and we can have a set for gigs.
We're calling the band Ginette's Social Manifesto, but thinking about calling it simply Ginette.What do you think? It's an old French name nobody uses anymore, reminiscent of the 30's or 40's.
As far as stage antics go, we'll all dress the same, like the glam/ bubble gum bands of the 70's..that'll be fun..kind like the Rubettes, lol.
The music is all over the board too, some fast, some slow, but all trippy. We've recorded a few songs on a phone, so the sound is kinda shitty..a couple of them are just there so we can remeber how they go, but a couple came out pretty good ( severely antisocial and false parallels)..the other 2 , like i said, suck on these version( no drums, out of tune..lol)

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Date:2011-07-21 09:53
Subject:Writer's Block: Saints and sinners

If you found a wad of cash on the ground, would you keep it? Donate it? Take it to the police?

I'd pocket it.

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Date:2011-07-17 13:36
Subject:Writer's Block: Breaking the bad

What’s a bad habit that you really need to quit?


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Date:2011-07-08 09:05
Subject:Writer's Block: Horrible bosses

Probably my current one..she's such a cunt. But It's OK, that's why I'm going to school now, because "the ass you're chewing on today may be the one you'll have to kiss tomorrow".

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Date:2011-07-06 09:58

I got hired as a French tutor in my school. This will help round up the bills a little, especially since the 2 other tutors from last semester have transferred and I will be the only one for the whole school. So I will have the whole 4 levels of French students all for myself..Muhuhuhuhahahahahh..

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Date:2011-07-01 08:44
Subject:Big fucking surprise!!

I'm being sarcastic, of course..
But a few posts below I was talking about the DSK case, the head of the IMF who was accused of rape and is still being retained in U.S custody..
Well, guess what?? It happens that the maid already had a history of crying wolf for rape in her home country, is currently in a relationship with a big time drug dealer and on one of her six (6) cell phones( how many maids do you know that own six cell phones?), she has been heard talking about the financial benefits of suing DSK for rape.
So the case is in the process of being dismissed. Of course, the mainstream media is not disclosing anything about DSK being Jewish and her being Muslim, but I'm telling you, other than money, this is all what this story is about. I think this was nothing but an act of jihad. People need to understand that the Middle East conflict has spread across borders and is now more of a propaganda/PR nature than a military operation. These guys will stop at nothing to spread their poisonous jihadist antisemite lies. They try to portray themselves as victims as much as they can so the good thinking P.C hippies feel sorry for them and give them everything the cry for.
Sorry to disappoint the pseudo left wing liberals with the truth once again. I understand it would have been more convenient for their political agenda to have this sorry excuse of a woman being actually raped, as inhumane as it seems. But at the same time, I know that even with the truth slapping them in the face, they still will refuse to recognize it as they are themselves victims of the media and gobble all the bias regurgitated on them by the mainstream media, as well as that liberal nazi Amy Goodman.
So anyway, I hope she gets kicked out back to her country and stoned to death for being "raped".After all, that's what she's rooting for, Sharia law, no?

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Date:2011-06-30 11:46
Subject:Old memories

I got back in touch with one of my childhood friends via facebook and it brought a lot of old memories from this period of my life. It was a cool period.
Dominique and I were best friends from age 6 to 15, when he moved out to go to school somewhere.
When we were 13 we stared our first band together, in 79. It was called "Great Emotion"..Cheesy name, but his big brother who was hippyish let us borrow his gear to jam and wanted to be our manager, so he picked the name. We were doing covers of the Sex Pistols and the Damned mostly, along with a few originals. There was a guy named Jose on drums, me on bass and Dominique on keyboard first, then saxophone. There was no guitar. I was also the singer but i had a high pitch voice as a kid so it sounded like shit. Then we kicked Jose out, Domi took the drums, I took the guitar and we got another buddy, Christophe on bass. That's when we picked our stage names..Dom was Anatol Zombi, Christophe was Anry Rubbish and I was Ashil Crado. My friends still call me this in France.Then we renamed the band "Hertz".
Around this time, we were sniffing a lot of glue, sticking safety pins in our ears, drinking cheap beer, running away from home. We were getting in trouble all the time. Our parents didn't want us to see each other but we managed to sneak out and jam.
Dom was (and still is) a smart son of a bitch too. He turned me on into reading. Not classical literature, but B series noir novels, but still it's better than comics. We used to watch "A Clock Orange" all the time and one of our originals was called "Ultra Violence" after it. I hooked him up on music. Before punk he was listening to his older brother's records, crap like Kiss, Alice Cooper, Magma, progressive Jazz Rock shit. I'm glad I saved him out of this.
Anyway, it was great to get back in touch..He's talking about saving money and come and visit sometimes soon. I told him to bring his ukelele and we'll record some shit with the accordion under the name of Great Emotion So get ready for the reunion of Great Emotion after 32 years of absence. Coming soon at you in Los Angeles.

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